Double your Dogecoins


min deposit:
10  Doge  100 TRX  0.00050000 BTC
Be the first among the first!
Referral charges 20%
Unique investment plan!
Investors who contribute more than 500 DOGE | 500  TRX | 0.00100000  BTC  accelerated processing time - 72 hours!

A transaction of less than 10 DOGE / 100  TRX  will be considered a donation.

You need to deposit from 1 more DOGE / 1 TRX.

Deposits over 500 DOGE / 500 TRX / 0.00100000 BTC will be served out of turn.


The project is carried out through private investment and is not a pyramid or a hype. We plan to conduct long-term cooperation with you.


Funds are automatically returned to the wallet you specified.

It takes 168 hours to multiply your currency. The currency is doubled (x2). The countdown starts from the moment your transaction is confirmed. We do not limit our clients to the minimum deposit amount.